zDeveloper Studios

Game Development

Gamedev is what characterises us. Developing indie games is our passion. We also write about games, play games, review games. We just enjoy games, be it desktop games, mobile games, console games, web games, card games… All kinds of games!

App Design

Since applications and websites are such a big part of our everyday lives, we focus also on application development. Following the trends and tools is important in geek’s life.

Technology Freaks

We also love tinkering with hardware. What would be software without hardware? A really hard to read book. Items like Raspberry Pi fascinates us, with all the endless possibilities for creativity to blossom.


We love books. Yes, "loving books" is the definition of bibliophile. The thing is, we appreciate knowledge and we know that all the knowledge in the world is in books (and on internet). That is one of the reasons we read books, articles, papers etc. We love to read.